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2016 Annual Report




  1. What is Optimiza’s reference (ticker) on the stock market, and which stock market is it listed on?

    Optimiza’s reference is (CEBC) and it is listed on Amman Stock Exchange (ASE)-First Market. Its complete ticker is (ASE:CEBC)

  2. When will Optimiza release its next quarterly results?

    60 days after the end of each calendar.

  3. How can I get a history of Optimiza’s closing stock price?

    At the Amman Stock exchange website –

  4. What is Optimiza’s International Securities Identification Number (ISIN)?

    Optimiza’s ISIN is JO3123211018

  5. When was Optimiza’s Initial Public Offering (IPO)?

    Optimiza’s IPO took place on 18 February 2006

  6. When does Optimiza’s fiscal year end?

    Optimiza’s fiscal year ends on December 31st of each year.

  7. Who are Optimiza’s auditors?

    Ghosheh & CO

  8. Where can I request the latest financial reports and news releases

    At the Jordan Securities Commission (JSC) website –

  9. How do I obtain or modify information regarding my shareholder account?

    Please contact Optimiza’s Shareholders Department – shareholders[at]

  10. How can I transfer ownership of my shares?

    At the Securities Depository Center –

  11. How can I contact the Investor Relations Department?

    Phone Number: +962-6-5629999
    Email: shareholders[at]

  12. Do you have another question that has not been answered?

    Please submit your question using the form on the Contact Us page


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