Project Showcase: Hashemite University

Client Overview: Hashemite University

The Hashemite University is a university in Zarqa, Jordan. It is named after the Jordanian royal family, the Hashemites, and was established by royal decree in 1996. The total area of the university campus is 8,519 acres.

The Challenge:
The Hashemite University was looking to expand its network coverage and make network services available anytime, anywhere, on and off the university campus. The university wanted to build a wireless LAN (WLAN) in specific locations on the campus and integrate this WLAN with the existing wired LAN. In addition, the WLAN was to be adapted to any future applications and traffic types. The application had to be reliable, secure, and provide the best quality and performance possible.

The Solution:

Optimiza was able to install a wireless network coverage for the Hashemite University campus, and effectively activate it for 15 buildings on campus. It also installed 79 access points on various sites around the campus.

Optimiza installed Cisco products for the seven main sites, ensuring optimal performance for each. It also provided on-site training, including technical training for Cisco unified communications and wireless.


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