Project Showcase: MedLabs Group

Client Overview: Medlabs

Today, MedLabs’ 30+ laboratories act as referral centers, receiving test specimens from several medical institutions, both locally and from neighboring countries.

MedLabs is one of the largest medical laboratory companies in the Middle East today, and was founded in 1993, in Amman, following the merger of four leading national medical pathology laboratories.

With 20 years of experience in the regional market, MedLabs has rightfully earned a reputation for excellence. Ensuring strict adherence to the regulations and prices set by the Ministry of Health and Order of Physicians, MedLabs is strongly committed to offering top quality services in the industry.

The Challenge:

MedLabs required a complex structural design, within a tight budget, for a comprehensive lab management system based on standard international coding systems and tightly integrated medical records, insurance records, and third-party systems.

The organization required a system to manage over 30 branches located all over Jordan, with a central host system at the head office, provided that each individual branch would access the system, and perform all their operations online without having to worry about servers, licenses, and support services.

The Solution:

Optimiza provided MedLabs with a comprehensive lab management system that enabled the headquarters to control:

  1. Lab tests given to patients (in terms of result values, normal ranges, report shapes, etc.)
  2. Insurance policies and insurance plans
  3. Expenses and profitability of each branch
  4. Store replenishment

The branches connecting to the headquarters use standard, affordable data lines, which made connectivity cost very reasonable while highly available. Additionally, the system was designed to work offline in the event that connections were lost such that all transactions could be saved locally at the branch and updated to the main server at headquarters once the connection was restored.

The local lab machines at each branch of Medlabs were connected with the eHOpe lab system, which made it possible to send orders and receive results electronically without any human intervention.

Through the use of cutting-edge technology and computerization in its services, MedLabs processes the samples it receives both efficiently and economically, at highly competitive prices. Most results are available within 24 hours from receipt of a particular specimen. The system is now live and thousands of transactions are handled every day without any delays.

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