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Laboratory Information System

AccuLab is an industry leading cloud-based integrated laboratory information system (LIS). 

Revolutionizing modern medical laboratories, with patients and technicians in mind, AccuLab quickly and cost effectively improves laboratory services. AccuLab increases your revenue and lowers your cost using leading edge technologies such as (IoMT) Internet of Medical Things. 

AccuLab serves small labs, lab chains, central/regional labs, medical centres, hospitals,

and other healthcare institutions.

Get the World’s Most Advanced and Flexible LIS
Without Upfront Investment and Infrastructure


Reduce Your Cost

Operational and Capital expenditure


State of the Art Mobile Application

Cloud-hosted to view results for patients and doctors


Improve Patient Experience

Increase your revenue

Accelerate Your International Accreditation



Speed Up Patient On-Boarding

Increase retention levels


360 Degree View

At any time, from anywhere


Fully Integrate and Automate your Process

Efficient and more accurate results


Connect, Manage and Control

All your branches

Play Video

Quality Assurance

Create reusable calibration programs; define calibration parameters against reagent lot numbers; auto verify results; track reagents and consumables.

Insurance Management

Define insurance companies, define plans & claims reporting.


Manage to refer orders between branches, other AccuLab clients or to external labs; expedite order entry; publish results from opening balance and book-keeping.

Serve Your Patients On The Go With AccuLab Portable Solution

While the whole world is fighting Covid-19 Pandemic, agility is mostly needed by labs across the globe.

AccuLab portable solution was specially designed to help you to be as agile as these tough times need you to be.

Work from anywhere at any time. Deliver accurate, speedy test results for your patients across multiple channels:

E-mail, SMS & WhatsApp.

Microsoft / Azure Cloud

Our Cloud

For our SaaS (Software as a Service) offering, we have partnered with Microsoft, pairing their formidable cloud capabilities and platform with our pioneering technologies. We guarantee high performance and can scale the solution according to your disaster recovery strategy, failover, and performance needs.

Together, we ensure you are protected from catastrophic failure by implementing zone redundant or geo-redundant data replication. We take care of everything.

AccuLab Packages

With AccuLab, you can manage your lab operations and stay on top of things-wherever you are and on any device (laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile phone). 

Packages and prices* that suit labs of any size:




* Terms and conditions apply

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