Optimiza Acquires MenaITech for Human Resources Solutions

Optimiza Acquires MenaITech for Human Resources Solutions

Optimiza expands and enhances its solutions base and consulting services

Amman, December 2007 – In line with its expansion plans locally and regionally, Optimiza (Al-Faris National Company/ ASE:CEBC) announced its acquisition of MenaITech, a leading company specialized in human resources development systems for both the private and public sectors in Jordan and the region.

With this step, Optimiza has become the owner of a wide variety of integrated solutions and services that enhance the performance of companies in the different sectors it is serving including the telecom, banking, insurance, manufacturing and distribution, healthcare and government sectors. Human resources solutions are an added value to Optimiza’s technology solutions and consulting services, which include, but are not limited to ImageLinks Document Management System for the management of enterprises’ documents, Ideal Accountant, Optimiza Kiosks exceptional applications, as well as its consulting services in the HR field.

“We are proud of this achievement that will certainly boost both our capacity and ability to better serve our clients and enhance their performance,” said Hazem Malhas, Optimiza CEO, “This acquisition also supports our expansion plans, as well as our reach and investment in successful enterprises locally and regionally.”

He added, “We believe that investing in human capital is an integral part of the growth of any company. Human resources are the vital foundation of development that impacts the success of a business. More companies are becoming aware of the essential role of human resources in achieving their objectives; and therefore, they are paying special attention to, and investing in solutions and programs for the development of their human capital.
On this occasion, Bashar Hawamdeh, MenaITech CEO, said, “We are pleased with our partnership with a leading company like Optimiza. Our joint efforts will bring together all the expertise and solutions we have worked long to develop in order to achieve optimum results. We are confident that Optimiza will do its best to capitalize on our accomplishments to achieve more success.”

MenaITech has achieved many outstanding accomplishments in human resources development. It has provided its exceptional solutions to a number of prominent enterprises in Jordan such as Aramex International, The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature, Capital Bank of Jordan, Jordan Customs Department and Jordan Dubai Capital and The Holding Group (THG), to name a few. The company also has its share of successes in a number of Arab countries by developing the human resources for various Arab companies such as The Holding Group in the United Arab Emirates, and Emaar Properties and Al Muhaideb Contracting Company in Saudi Arabia, in addition to several leading companies in Egypt, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Lebanon among others.


About MenaITech:
Founded in 2003 by a group of talented and experienced HR and IT professionals, MenaITech aims to provide HR solutions that maximize the return on the human capital investment for all MenaITech customers by providing accurate and reliable management information, improving access to information, and reducing costs of operating the HR solution.
MenaITech products include the human resources information management system MenaHR®, payroll & personnel solutions MenaPay®, the employee & manager self service solution MenaME®, the employee 360 degree feedback evaluation software Mena360®, the comprehensive HR consolidation and analysis module MenaExplorer®, in addition to the revolutionary cell phone notification service MenaSMS®.