Optimiza Signs an Agreement with USAID-Funded Project MASAQ

New Court Case Management System  to effectively automating judicial systems in judicial courts and departments

Amman-Jordan, October 2007- Optimiza (Al-Faris National / (ASE:CEBC), a regional technology solutions and management consulting services company, signed an agreement with the USAID-Funded Rule of Law project, MASAQ. The agreement stipulates the development of a new Court Case Management System known as Mizan Version 2 in order to regulate and automate work in all the judicial courts affiliated with the Ministry of Justice in Jordan.

The agreement between Optimiza and MASAQ, which was signed last month, denotes upgrading the older version of MIZAN Version 1 (MV1) into a new Mizan Version 2 (MV2). The project will involve moving the existing case management system to a state of the art technology and at the same time centralize the information maintained in the database for improved judicial process.

Commenting on this agreement, Optimiza’s CEO Mr. Hazem Malhas said: “We are very proud of the confidence entrusted in us by the management of the MASAQ project to upgrade the (MV1) program, which is implemented in several courts and judicial departments affiliated with the Ministry of Justice in Jordan. This initiative reflects genuine faith in us and our abilities as a service provider. We will ensure that the newly developed MIZAN project (MV2) reach the highest levels of efficiency, and realize the goals of the upgrade”.

He added: “The ability of Optimiza to achieve real and efficient change to the system comes as a result of our resources since we have a unique group of experienced and efficient people capable of developing and implementing all kinds of programs to suit the needs and requirements of different sectors. The company has been very successful in developing technological solutions and program systems for government entities like ministries and municipalities and non-government organizations like the AMIR Program that was another funded program by the USAID in the past.”

The authorization to utilize the modern solutions system; namely, MIZAN the second version (MV2), was to attain additional benefits for the currently implemented (MV1) system. MV2 unifies all courts and judicial departments affiliated with the Ministry of Justice located within the same geographical area by connecting them to one central database that enables central maintenance and the updating of judicial activities, not to mention that implementing the same system by all courts regardless of their duties entails answering all requests pertaining to judicial activities in every department. It also enables electronic data transfer of cases between courts; like “Case Transfer” from lower courts level to a higher court level, and “Unified Case Register of Actions”. MV2 will also include an additional function to streamline end to end Court Case Management such as improved “Notice Delivery”.

The new developed version of MIZAN also provides an added benefit by avoiding the problems that usually arise as a result of introducing a new system since it does not require repeated training of staff whenever it is upgraded. It also helps in saving time and effort and allows for quick and comprehensive upgrading.

MASAQ project Technical Manager, Mr. Randy Fox commented on the signing of the agreement by saying: “It is our pleasure to contract with Optimiza to upgrade the MIZAN system as they are one of the leading Management Consulting and Technology Solutions companies based in Jordan. We are confident that Optimiza given its past performance with technology development projects will be a great partner for MASAQ.”

The MIZAN program was implemented and used as a solutions system in many courts and judicial departments affiliated with the Jordanian Ministry of Justice, like the Court of Appeal, the Court of First Instance and the Public Prosecutor’s office. The upgraded version of the new MIZAN system (MV2) is expected to be used in more than 150 judicial departments affiliated with the Ministry of Justice.