ASEZA Launches Mystery Shopper in Cooperation with Optimiza Academy

ASEZA Launches the Mystery Shopper Program in Cooperation with Optimiza Academy

Amman, August 2008 – Within its efforts to provide unmatched services to the general public, the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) will launch the Mystery Shopper program, which falls in line with the new initiatives of meeting the needs of the customers (service receivers), and to achieve the requirements of King Abdullah II award for Government excellence and transparency. To achieve this, ASEZA signed an agreement with Optimiza Academy, the training and human resources development arm of Optimiza (Al-Faris National/ ASE:CEBC) to implement this project over a one-year period.

This initiative falls in line with ASEZA’S framework to ensure offering professional and distinguished services to its customers. The Mystery Shopper program was tailored in collaboration with Optimiza Academy to suit ASEZA’s needs and strategic vision and will focus on monitoring the performance of ASEZA’s customer service/ front-line personnel. This will be done through the “mystery shopper – evaluators” who will interact directly with front-line personnel by taking on the role of “real clients”, without revealing their identity and no previous appointments, noting that the communication will be conducted in two ways: Direct contact with the personnel and phone calls.

This project will help in assessing the personnel’s performance and service quality based on strict, modern and well-defined criteria that focuses on a number of aspects including quality, competence, response time and communication skills, all of which taken from the clients perspective. Ultimately, the whole process will help in identifying the key weaknesses and strengths, which in turn will help in designing customized training programs to improve service provision that ensure customer satisfaction.

Moreover, the implementation of this project is associated with the Customer Care Development Program’s campaign that ASEZA has previously launched and executed based on the internal capabilities of ASEZA’s employees, and is in line with the mystery shopper program’s goals.

Dr. Taha Al-Zuboun, Commissioner for Administration & Finance at ASEZA, said, “The Authority continues to offer the best services in order to reach the ideal competitiveness in attracting new investments. To accomplish this, ASEZA seeks to cooperate with many consulting parties who are experts in many fields. Today, we are delighted to work with Optimiza Academy in implementing the mystery shopper program that will help us in securing the desired satisfaction of customers which represents one of our top priorities.”

Mr. Nidal Bitar, Optimiza Academy Director, expressed his pride with the partnership with ASEZA by saying, “This collaboration further encourages us to use all our expertise and do our utmost to ensure the success of this project”.

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