Optimiza's eHOpe™ Selected by MedLabs Network

Optimiza’s eHOpe™ Selected by MedLabs Network

Amman, April 2008 – In line with its dedication to supporting the Healthcare sector, Optimiza (Al-Faris National Company/ ASE:CEBC) announced a new collaboration with MedLabs Consultancy Group. MedLabs network has recently adopted eHOpe™, a comprehensive integrated and communication-rich management information system (MIS) for hospitals and laboratories developed by Optimiza based on the latest international medical records standards. With this step, MedLabs will adopt Optimiza’s eHOpe™ solutions in managing its lab operations in its stand-alone and hospital laboratories in Jordan and the region.

Designed in consultation with the Mayo Clinic’s electronic medical record standards, eHOpe™ is a hospital management system from Optimiza that offers a full suite of services that enables healthcare providers to serve patients and clients more efficiently. It offers integrated services that ensure highly-efficient medical, financial and administrative functions of today’s modern hospital, clinic and lab centers.

Discussing eHOpe™, Mr. Hazem Malhas, CEO/Optimiza, said: “eHOpe™ provides a fully integrated central lab operations system backed up with Optimiza’s supporting offerings such as infrastructure and hardware to facilitate communication among all MedLabs branches in Jordan and the region. In addition, eHOpe™ increases productivity and allows for consolidated high-level management reporting.”

Commenting on this collaboration, Mr. Imad Deir, eHOpe™ Sales & Marketing Director/Optimiza, said: “We are honored with this partnership with a leading medical establishment like MedLabs. This cooperation reflects Optimiza’s interest in enhancing the Healthcare sector services with the latest solutions to keep up with the vast growth in health services worldwide. At Optimiza, we are always keen to meet the growing needs of medical services management in Jordan and the region.”

For his part, Dr. Hassib Sahyoun/ CEO, MedLabs, said, “We are proud of this collaboration, which is considered a major project reflecting our vision to improve the mechanisms we use in delivering medical services. Following an extensive research into many local and international lab systems, we have chosen Optimiza’s eHOpe™ because we found that it was the most advanced and affordable system at both operational and financial levels.”


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