(FDI-9) The Leading System to Calculate PD and ECL

Based on IFRS-9

Financial Data Instruments (FDI-9) is a comprehensive solution that is based on the principles of IFRS 9.
FDI-9 helps bank management to stay up to date on credit performance and associated risks.

FDI-9 offers client rating tools with data validation, expected credit loss calculations, probability of default (PD) analysis,
risk classification, reporting and documentation. The System helps banks to manage the end-to-end process of
expected credit loss (ECL) calculations utilizing data from numerous sources, coordinating, and managing a wide
variety of models, evaluating changes in credit risk, and calculating expected losses and provisions accordingly.

Main features

System setup, according to bank`s methodology

Individual Credit Rating based on dynamic factors

Corporate Credit Rating based on balance sheet elements and other dynamic factors

Probability of Default Calculator

Analytical dash boards

Probability of Default results comparison

Exposure at Default (EAD) loss Given default (LGD) calculations

Expected Credit Loss for Credit Provisioning including off-balance sheet (LGs & LCs)

Main Benefit

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