• Telecom

    We are focused on developed the telecom sector by providing world-class offerings that cover the entire telecommunications value chain needs and requirements.

  • Healthcare

    We have an extensive understanding of the healthcare market in the Middle East and of the way it is evolving allow us to develop solutions that can successfully meet the need for new technologies to serve this sector, while maintaining a high level of patient care at an acceptable cost.

  • Government

    We are at the forefront of assisting the public sector by deploying e-Government solutions and IT services

  • Financial

    We offer various solutions for the banking and insurance sectors of the financial industry, to enhance the organizations’ competitiveness and allow them to meet the toughest requirements.

  • Enterprises

    Optimiza’s integrated solutions offer a range of products and services in this area taking into account existing systems as well as future requirements, believing that technology is a competitive asset.

  • Construction

    Optimiza has responded to the increased demand on technology for construction in the Middle East region, and leveraged its capabilities in Systems Integration and the implementation of IT infrastructure solutions, to offer end-to-end IT solutions & Low Current IP based solutions for contractors in large scale projects.