Industry Specific Software Applications

OPTIMIZA Registered Intellectual Property (IP) Solutions

We work with our clients to improve their operational efficiency through customized, end-to-end technology services, and solution implementation with the aim of improving operational processes and enhancing overall performance.

Our IP solutions cover a wide spectrum of sectors and provide clients with highly secure, user-friendly, versatile, and seamless systems in a variety of work areas including document management, insurance, accounting, HR, and banking. Our IP solutions are:

  • AccuLab™

    AccuLab LIS, cloud-based data management solution for laboratories around the world. AccuLab offers complete functionality for every lab – at a price that’s affordable.

  • eHOpe™

    An OPTIMIZA solution that offers full-suite services to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare institutions.


    A modular system designed to provide banks with the ability to report the Anti Money Laundering Unit all suspicious transactions and activities.

  • ImageLinks™

    An enterprise document management solution that allows the capturing, indexing, organization, sharing, and easy retrieval of various types of documents.

  • AMAN™

    An insurance management system designed to meet the highest international standards and requirements.

  • AccuLink

    AccuLink, cloud-based solution to enrich laboratory information systems, by bringing new features and by managing all or part of their technical facilities

  • CourtWorks™

    A centralized case management system that automates the functions of courts and other legal departments in the judicial system.

  • CABS™

    An Oracle-based banking and micro-finance system designed to automate business cycles. It is a fully-integrated package that processes all banking-related activities.

  • Ideal Accountant™

    A financial accounting and analysis solution for small and medium enterprises



  • Tableau

    Tableau’s rapid-fire business intelligence software lets everyone in your organization analyze and understand their data far faster than any other solution and at a fraction of their costs and resources.

  • MenaHRMS

    Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS) allow organizations to focus on their mission and facilitate day to day employee activities.