InfrasoftTech chooses Optimiza to expand into Jordan & the region

Optimiza, (Al-Faris National / (ASE:CEBC), announced a new partnership with Infrasoft Technologies Ltd. (InfrasoftTech), a top notch Mumbai-based banking solutions & services provider, focused on serving the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance) sectors. By virtue of this agreement, Optimiza will market InfrasoftTech’s banking solutions in Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon to enable customers to use the best of both companies’ core strengths.

This partnership is well-aligned with Optimiza’s plans to expand both its services and client base, and realizes InfrasoftTech’s aspirations to expand into the Middle East, especially in Jordan. Moreover, this step achieves a common goal for the two companies, namely the provision of innovative integrated services to a number of prominent and successful financial establishments in Jordan. Those services will include technological solutions for the banking sector, such as anti-money laundering systems, securities management services, among other financial and banking solutions.

Commenting on this partnership, Optimiza CEO, Mr. Hazem Malhas, said, “We are very pleased to become partners with a prominent company like InfrasoftTech. We consider this partnership a step forward in enhancing the variety of solutions and applications we offer to our customers. Optimiza chose to collaborate with a company of InfrasoftTech’s caliber in order to focus on state-of-the-art technological solutions that are especially designed for banks, given the rapid and outstanding boom this sector is witnessing in Jordan; so much so, that it has become a major component in Jordan’s economic development.”

For his part, InfrasoftTech’s CEO and Managing Director, Hanuman Tripathi, said, “We believe in the unique opportunities the Middle East, particularly Jordan, has to offer. We have selected Optimiza after having conducted an in-depth study of the IT sector in Jordan to find the ideal partner. This partnership is an expression of our confidence in Optimiza’s experience and ongoing success in its endeavor to provide the best solutions and services to the sectors it serves. We hope that together we will create the perfect partnership that brings together the best in cutting-edge solutions and experience for the ultimate goal of ensuing our clients’ total satisfaction.”

The fruits of this joint effort are already beginning to show as these services are being met with remarkable approval and satisfaction by clients.

Optimiza offers solutions that are targeted towards different sectors, one of them being the banking sector for which Optimiza has developed CABS banking solutions to serve small to medium sized banks by providing them with advanced technological programs and applications, in addition to its consulting, training and outsourcing services.