Low Current Solutions


Low Current Solutions

OPTIMIZA has responded to the increased Middle East demand for technology in construction. It leveraged its capabilities in systems integration and IT infrastructure solutions implementation to provide large-scale project contractors with end-to-end information technology, including extra low voltage (ELV) and low current (IT&LC) solutions.

Capitalizing on more than 35 years of experience in IT infrastructure solutions, hundreds of successful implementations, and its highly talented and skilled engineers, OPTIMIZA has launched its LC Systems Integration arm, the Mega Projects Business Unit, and positioned itself as a regional IT/LC Systems Integrator.

Our Mega Projects Unit has structured its internal resources and knowledge base to cater to all IT/LC scopes and has partnered with a wide range of elite vendors and providers of LC applications and IT infrastructure solutions. This has contributed to our ability to successfully implement LC projects. With its dynamic business model, Optimiza has been able to embrace and maintain an agile environment meeting today’s growing business and technological needs.

Optimiza has won awards and honored during the annual VIP dinner for Bosch Partners in the Middle East. One award for Best Sales Performance 2016 in the Levant Region and one award for Best Sales Performance 2016 for Fire Alarm Systems.


Our Services Model

  1. Project Management & Execution Supervision

    Whether part of an EPC project or a standalone service, project management is a key part of our execution methodology.

    • Project Execution Schedule

    • Resource Planning

    • Resource Staffing & Deployment

    • Budgeting, Monitoring & Controls

    • Contracts Management

    • Projects KPIs

    • Documentation

    • Handover

    The service of Execution Supervision involves providing qualified engineers and specialists, both onsite and offsite, to assist clients in the management and implementation of ICT and LC scopes across various industries.

  1. Design & Engineering

    Our qualified and certified design engineers have an in-depth understanding of integrated ICT/LC design and engineering requirements.

    • Concept Design

    • Design Development

    • RFQs & Tendering Documentation

    • Estimation & BOQs Development

    • Specifications Development

    • Detailed Design

    • IFA/IFC Drawings

    • Shop Drawings and AS BUILT

    We follow a proven methodology in design and engineering. Design phases are governed by a well-proven project management approach executed by skilled design engineers and supported by draftsmen and documentation officers.

  1. Installation, Integration & Commissioning

    A fully-fledged onsite installation and integration office that brings Telecom And Low Current Systems live, delivering the intended functionalities and features.

    • First Fix Works

    • Cabling and Infrastructure

    • Coordination of Works with other contractors

    • Installation and Configuration

    • Integration Works

    • Integrated Tests (FAT & iFAT)

    • Site Acceptance Tests

    • Commissioning of Systems

    • Training and Handover

    Whether products are from the same manufacturer or different manufacturers, we specialize in integrating and bringing together various technology systems to deliver fully-integrated turnkey technologies

  1. Operation & Maintenance Support

    We continuously support our clients with highly skilled resources as part of a support center designed based on international standards.

    • Outsourced Support Engineers

    • Telephone Support Service

    • Onsite Support Service

    • Preventative Maintenance Service

    • Manufacturer Extended Warranty

    • Dedicated Spare Parts and Repairs

    • Solutions Upgrades

    • Commissioning of Systems

    • Training and Handover

    Operation and Management support can be provided both onsite and offsite depending on client needs and preferences. We bring international manufacturer support services Locally for our clients through a single center that delivers integrated support service.


Our Solutions

OPTIMIZA’s Mega Project Business Unit provides turnkey/end-to-end IT/LC Systems Integration solutions. Our IT/LC solutions fall under four main technology towers. Our expertise and specialization have been developed and focused on delivering such solutions with complete integration, based on industry best practices.

Low Current Solutions ELV Systems

  1. Safety & Security
    • Access Control and Biometric Systems (ACS)

    • Closed circuit television systems (CCTV)

    • Perimeter Security & Intrusion Detection systems (ID)

    • Fire Alarm & Public Address Evacuation Systems Nurse Call System (FA/PAVE)

    • Access Control & Door Monitor

    • Intrusion Detection and Prevention

    • Fire Alarm Detection Systems

    • Smoke Management Systems

    • Public Addresses & Evacuation Systems

    • Closed circuit television systems & Video Anatytic

    • License Plate Recognition Systems (LPR)

    • Parking Management Systems (Arm Barriers, Ticketing Machine, Road Blockers)

    • Security Scanning Systems (Luggeges Scanners, Explosion & Hand
      Held Detection Systems, Under Vehicles Scanning System/UVSS)



  1. Building Management & Facilities Automation
    • Building Automation & HVAC Control System

    • Guest Rooms Management System

    • Metering Solutions (Water,gas,electricity Energy)

    • Nurse Call System

    • Light Control System

    • Room Management & Residential Systems

    • Hotel Guest Room Management Systems

    • Master Clock Systems

    • Car Parking Systems

    • Energy Metering and Billing Systems

    • Communication and Integration Protocols

  1. IT Networks & Communication Solutions
    • Horizintal Structured Cabling System (UTP, Cat 6, Cat 6a, ..

    • Vertical & Infrastructure Fiber Structure Cables Systems (Multi Mode, Single Mode, Internal, External, Metropolitan Fiber Cable Systems)

    • Telecom Infrastructure ( Switches, GPON)

    • Wireless LANS ( WIFI)

    • Disaster Recovery Centers

    • Network Security (Firewalls, Detection Systems)

    • IP Telephony and Voice Systems

  1. Audio / Video Automation
    • Audio & Video Systems

    • SMATV System

    • IPTV Prodcasting System

    • Digital Signage System

    • Public Announcement and BGM

    • Home Theaters and Private Cinemas

    • Conference Centers Automation

    • Professional AV and Meeting Room Automation

    • Network SMTV over Fiber & Coaxial Cabeling


Our Capabilities and Key Differentiators

* Complete portfolio of ICT & LC technologies
* Integrated solutions
* Brand independent
* Qualified project managers
* Certified engineers
* Industry-Specific knowledge
* Multiple offices across the Middle East
* Fully staffed project office at project site
* Multiple technology partners.
* Training and certification by manufacturers
* Manufacturers’ implementation support

Technology Partners

We have multiple technology partners to deliver IT/LC solutions. In our selection of technology partners, we focus on quality, functionality, integration capabilities, and scalability. In addition, we depend highly on the requirements of project and client preferred technology solutions.