GAM optimizes performance with Oracle Private Cloud Appliance

Greater Amman Municipality cuts costs and optimizes performance with Oracle Private Cloud Appliance



The Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) provides high-quality municipal services to the city of Amman and focuses mainly on urban development. It adopts initiatives that improve the quality of life of local community members through effective planning, optimal investment of resources, and building partnerships with stakeholders. The Greater Amman Municipality currently encompasses 23,000 employees, users, and workers who, in turn, serve a population that covers an area of 1,700 square kilometers.

The project covers the deployment of Oracle Private Cloud Appliance, to host GAM’s vertical systems.

Oracle Private Cloud Appliance, is an integrated infrastructure system engineered to enable rapid deployment of converged compute, network, and storage technologies for hosting applications or workloads on a guest OS. It is a data center-class system that provides incremental and scalable performance optimized for consolidation of mixed workloads.

Project Objectives 

  • Efficiently improve systems management and support by consolidating systems, storage, virtualization, and applications into a single environment
  • Effectively improve the service delivery to business users
  • Decrease TCO and achieve better ROI on Vertical Systems Operation and Support.
  • Improve service levels through standardized high-availability architecture and single-vendor support


  • Setup and Deployed Oracle’s Private Cloud Appliance (OVCA X5-2) in a private cloud using Oracle Enterprise Manager to quickly deliver infrastructure-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service for GAM’s Vertical Systems, enabling faster application deployment and simplifying systems management and support
  • Offered GAM the flexibility and capability to host a multitude of different applications and software versions on the Private Cloud Appliance
  • Used Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c for day-to-day management and monitoring of the Private Cloud Appliance
  • Enabled GAM to use pre-built Oracle VM templates or create unique ones for rapid deployment, which accelerated the deployment of these business-critical applications
  • Unified and consolidated GAM’s Vertical Systems environment, reducing complexity, and minimizing operational and support costs.
  • Hosted Linux and Windows environments providing the flexibility to consolidate a wide range of workloads on one system
  • Deployed Oracle Database latest version(s) and enabled availability using Oracle Real Application Clusters, providing a robust, scalable, and highly available environment for GAMs systems
  • Deployed applications using Oracle Weblogic Suite to achieve optimal performance, scalability, efficiency, and manageability

Why Oracle

Oracle Private Cloud Appliance consolidates your mixed Linux, Windows, or Oracle Solaris applications. It is engineered for cost-effective and rapid private cloud deployment.

Benefits include:

  • The most cost-effective solution for your mixed Oracle and non-Oracle workloads
  • All components shipped fully preconfigured in a rack
  • Embedded controller software automates installation and configuration
  • Includes virtualization at no added cost
  • Integrated with Oracle Enterprise Manager for unified cloud and disaster recovery management

Why Optimiza

Optimiza is an Oracle Gold Partner, and is the first Oracle Partner in the region.

Since 1987 Optimiza has implemented hundreds of projects based on Oracle Technology for customers in the public, financial, education, private, health and telecommunication sectors.

Optimiza has a dedicated Oracle Administration and Support team specialized in Oracle technology environment setup, administration, configuration, tuning and troubleshooting. The team holds official certification in multiple areas including Oracle Database, Oracle Real Application Clusters, Oracle Middleware, Oracle Security Solutions, Oracle e-Business Suite and Oracle Cloud.


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