Our Products

OPTIMIZA Registered Intellectual Property (IP) Solutions

We work with our clients to improve their operational efficiency through customized, end-to-end technology services, and solution implementation with the aim of improving operational processes and enhancing overall performance.

Our IP solutions cover a wide spectrum of sectors and provide clients with highly secure, user-friendly, versatile, and seamless systems in a variety of work areas including document management, insurance, accounting, HR, and banking. Our IP solutions are:

  • AccuLab™

    AccuLab LIS, cloud-based data management solution for laboratories around the world. AccuLab offers complete functionality for every lab – at a price that’s affordable.

  • eHOpe™

    An OPTIMIZA solution that offers full-suite services to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare institutions.


    A modular system designed to provide banks with the ability to report the Anti Money Laundering Unit all suspicious transactions and activities.

  • ImageLinks™

    An enterprise document management solution that allows the capturing, indexing, organization, sharing, and easy retrieval of various types of documents.

  • AMAN™

    An insurance management system designed to meet the highest international standards and requirements.

  • AccuLink

    AccuLink, cloud-based solution to enrich laboratory information systems, by bringing new features and by managing all or part of their technical facilities

  • CourtWorks™

    A centralized case management system that automates the functions of courts and other legal departments in the judicial system.

  • CABS™

    An Oracle-based banking and micro-finance system designed to automate business cycles. It is a fully-integrated package that processes all banking-related activities.

  • Ideal Accountant™

    A financial accounting and analysis solution for small and medium enterprises



  • Tableau

    Tableau’s rapid-fire business intelligence software lets everyone in your organization analyze and understand their data far faster than any other solution and at a fraction of their costs and resources.

  • MenaHRMS

    Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS) allow organizations to focus on their mission and facilitate day to day employee activities.



AML CONNECT Middleware Solution

Optimiza’s AML CONNECT Reports Extractor is a modular system designed to provide Banks with the ability to report to Anti Money Laundering Unit all suspicious transactions and activities, based on the standard schema requirements of the UNODC.

ImageLinks Document Management Solution

ImageLinks™ | Document Management Solution: ImageLinks, is a bilingual (Arabic/ English) system that streamlines the processes of scanning, capturing, indexing, organizing, storing and retrieving documents. Supported with Image Links Web client, it enables the organization to access and share and retrieves the information throughout the enterprise using the Internet technologies.

Ideal Accountant

Our highly efficient financial accounting and analysis solution, Ideal Accountant, offers great tools for smooth financial operations at small / medium enterprises.

eHOpe Healthcare Solutions

To cope with the rising demand for improved healthcare services, and to manage the challenges of offering innovative healthcare solutions at competitive prices, the healthcare sector had to adopt comprehensive highly customized and affordable technological solutions that helped it move forward towards smarter healthcare.

CourtWorks Case Management System

CourtWorks™: A comprehensive and fully integrated legal case management solution for centralized and decentralized courts. CourtWorks allows cross courts communication and case transfer, integration with external entities such as the Civil Status and Passports Department and the Department of lands and survey, for the verification and cross exchange of data.

CABS Core Banking – Micro finance Solution

CABS™ is an Oracle based system designed to automate banking/ micro- finance businesses. It is a fully integrated package that processes all banking related activities. CABS is a comprehensive modular system which covers front office, back Office, trade finance, commercial lending, loans and credits, delivery channels, interfaces, administration, and reporting.