Optimiza Bronze Sponsor of Middle East Technology Show (METS)

Optimiza, the first publicly-listed IT company in Jordan (ASE: CEBC), is proud to announce that it is the bronze sponsor of the Jordan Computer Society’s 2007 Middle East Technology Show (METS) taking place at Zara Expo in Amman between the 26th and 29th of August. Not only is Optimiza the bronze sponsor, but it is also contributing to the event as a major and active participant, presenting its wide array of products and its expertise in the fields of consulting, technology, outsourcing and training.

Commenting on the firm’s participation in the event, Optimiza CEO, Mr. Hazem Malhas, said, “We are proud and honored to take part in such an important industry-related event. Our participation will provide great opportunities for us to present our products and services, as well as pro-actively reach out to potential clients. We realize that METS is one of the largest exhibits of its type taking place in the region; and we are happy to take on a central role in it. We make it a point at Optimiza to support events that will further develop our industry and broaden its scope.”

METS 2007 is hosted by the Jordan Computer Society, and is being held in cooperation with Jordan’s Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MOICT), with plans to highlight the latest from Jordan and the region in the IT sector.

Within this context, METS has always aimed to be a central trade event for regional IT, with the trade show presenting a unique opportunity for firms to initiate serious contacts between themselves and other leading market players. The event’s hosts are expecting and looking forward to the participation of over 100 computer and IT market leaders.

“Jordan is placing more emphasis on the IT Industry than ever before, as His Majesty King Abdullah II has championed this industry and has deemed it as one that is very promising for the national economy. This event will definitely attract foreign investment to the country; and it will also help create more jobs for skilled Jordanians. We are feeling positive about the great potential this event holds, and are very enthusiastic about being a part of it,” Mr. Malhas added.

As a final note, Optimiza was recently the proud sponsor of the 4th Annual Media and Telecommunications Convergence Conference, organized by the Arab Advisors Group in Amman on June 4th and 5th 2007. It also participated in the Arab Advisors Group’s Arab Shoppers Exhibit, which took place earlier this month.