AccuLab Laboratory Information System

AccuLab LIS, cloud-based data management solution for laboratories around the world. Capable of being hosted on your own servers, in our state-of-the-art secure global cloud network or in any cloud hosting company you prefer, AccuLab offers complete functionality for every lab - at a price that's affordable!

AccuLab Laboratory Information System

What is a LIS?

A LIS is a Laboratory Information System platform designed to support and enhance the operations of modern patient laboratories. It helps labs to transform to a digital environment by streamlining patient centric operations with the goal of improving service, maintain quality and save both money and time using leading edge technologies such as IoMT

Why AccuLab LIS?

AccuLab is a cloud-based software solution that meets different aspects of Laboratory Informatics. AccuLab includes the necessary modules to process laboratory samples and produce timely results. The core architecture is designed to offer streamlined process that is efficient and effective. AccuLab can be deployed on-premise if needed


  • Reduce your cost, both operating & capital expenditure 

  • Increase your revenue by improving  patient experience 

  • Fully integrate and automate your processes (very efficient, less human intervention leading to more accurate results) 

  • Access to results from any device anytime through a state of the art cloud hosted mobile application for patients & doctors 

  • Accelerate your International Accreditation (ISO, CAP, HCAC) 

  • Connect, manage and control all your branches with 360-degree view of your business anytime, anywhere 

Main Features

  • Open Source Technology

  • Cost-effectiveness, Speed, Flexibility, Agility and Solid Information Security


  • AccuLab: Connects All your Branches

  • The main challenge with managing multiple branches is the process of coordinating with patients and insurance companies while aiming for a 360-degree view of your business

    AccuLab allows you to view all patient orders and follow up balances and claims where the claims process can be handled per branch or for the whole lab


  • Test Catalog

  • Test Catalog with all its details can be based on Mayo Clinic Test Catalog or it can be fully customized. We have THE most comprehensive out of the box Test Catalog that is widely used and most satisfactory across the region.


  • Results Delivery

  • AccuLab offers multiple ways to publish results: Mobile, Email and SMS. In addition of publishing results to referred doctor


  • Referral

  • Tests maybe received /sent from other branches, between another lab network or sent abroad. Each branch/lab balance will be updated accordingly.


  • Reporting

  • AccuLab provides professional test result templates for various types of tests and it generates plenty of professional reports: invoices, statements, operational, etc.


  • Open Source Technology

  • Cost-effectiveness, Speed, Flexibility, Agility and Solid Information Security


  • Insurance Claims Management

    • Pricelists & Plans

    Define multiple pricelists and plans “supports simple and complex plans”

    • Authorization

    Prior authorization “pre-authorization” before obtaining service

    • ICD

    Add ICDs to each order and ability to integrate with approval portals

    • Security

    High level of security protects confidential information ensuring privacy and grant access only to authorized users

    • Reporting

    Detailed and summarized claims, rejections, statistics, balances, etc.


  • AccuLab Portal & Mobile

  • OPTIMIZA is making AccuLab more valuable with an omni-channel portal and mobile application that is quick and easy to use. AccuLab portal and mobile increases patient/ customer intimacy and retention by allowing patients to track their health while facilitating better communication between patients, your lab and their healthcare providers.



  • Third Party Integration

  • We at OPTIMIZA differ from other third-party API integration services with two decades of experience in the industry, we can help you avoid most common integration implementation pitfalls. We will ensure that new or custom integration projects are appropriately assessed in terms of scope, complexity and cost and that the implementation is smooth and painless.

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