ImageLinks Document Management Solution

ImageLinks™ | Document Management Solution: ImageLinks, is a bilingual (Arabic/ English) system that streamlines the processes of scanning, capturing, indexing, organizing, storing and retrieving documents. Supported with Image Links Web client, it enables the organization to access and share and retrieves the information throughout the enterprise using the Internet technologies.


ImageLinks Document Management Solution

ImageLinks Document Management Solution

ImageLinks is a database independent system that is easy to implement, and has been implemented at hundreds of sites throughout the MENA region.

An Enterprise Document Management Solution that allows the capturing, indexing, organization, sharing, and easy retrieval of various types of documents.

  • ImageLinks is a fully bilingual (Arabic/English) web Document Management System.
  • A state-of-the-art client-server system that allows you to scan, capture, index, organize, store, and retrieve documents easily through a GUI interface.
  • Open architecture makes implementation easy and affordable, and the modular design and scalability allow ImageLinks to grow based on your network and imaging needs.
  • The system is appropriate for a variety of sectors, including Finance, Government, Healthcare, Telecommunications, and Education.
  • ImageLinks is a database-independent (SQL/Oracle) system, and has already been implemented in hundreds of sites across the MENA region.


  • Central document pool for all documents

  • Global Access via web

  • Complete search results in seconds

  • Documents’ collaboration and routing

  • Reduced storage space

  • Protection against fire and damage

Main Modules

The System’s main components are:

ImageLinks® Manager

ImageLinks® Desktop Viewer

ImageLinks® Web

Main Features

  1. Multi Channel Information Capture

    Document Scanning

    Document Uploading

    Email, Fax, and all MS Office files


    Volume Capture

    Auto-Indexing and Auto-Classification

    Distributed Capture Tools “Off-line, Online, and Sync Tools”

  2. Archiving, Search and Retrieval

    Archiving Different Information Source

    Desktop – Web Client

    Off-line Archives

    Linking The Archive With a Transnational Record

    Index Search

    User Defined Search

    Full Text Search across Content

  3. Image Processing


    Format Converter

    Zoom in-out, Magnifier



    Image Encryption

  4. Document and Transactional Content Management

    Document Routing

    Document Tracking

    Document Retention

    Document Versioning

    Audit Trail

    Alters, Notifications

    Volume Management

  5. Productivity Tools

    Business Application Integration

    Flexible Reports

    Desktop and MS Office Integration

    Email Integration

    Fax Integration

    Flexible Role Bases Security Model


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