Optimiza’s Success Story with GAM Gets Published by Oracle

Optimiza, an Oracle specialized partner, helped Greater Amman Municipality boost management performance with 360-degree view of citizens and customers across enterprise applications. Optimiza worked with GAM to implement the project over three years, going live with Oracle Financials, Oracle Purchasing, and Oracle Inventory Management on January 1, 2011. Now, the project has been recognized as a success story by Oracle due to the great effects it had on GAM’s performance and the huge challenges it has been able to overcome as mentioned in Oracle’s website (click here).

“With Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1.1, we’ve improved financial and logistics operations and gained efficiency through standardization and automation. With Oracle Customer Data Hub, we provide our service agents an up-to-date, 360-degree view of a citizen’s or organization’s interactions with the municipality. Previously, it took days to collect the information from different departments. Thanks to the outstanding expertise and dedication of Oracle partner Optimiza, we achieved a successful major deployment that will benefit both citizens and commercial organizations.” – Khaled Abu Koush, Senior Infrastructure Consultant, Greater Amman Municipality

The initiative was complicated, involving numerous modules, business processes, and departments. It also required a phased rollout—with Oracle E-Business Suite’s core modules deployed first to support the municipality’s operations—followed by the gradual deployment of complementary modules.

Optimiza drafted the necessary data quality and data cleansing rules, including those for Oracle Customer Data Hub. It also defined cleansing activities for all source systems—for example identifying duplicate customer records based on criteria, such as customer names in Arabic language, national identification numbers, and customer identification numbers for noncitizens in the absence of a national identification.

Optimiza integrated Oracle Customer Data Hub with 13 source systems via two-way propagation of customer data, including name, address, contact information, relationships with other municipal administrations, and more.

Finally, Optimiza configured access remote systems through straight queries whose results are displayed in a 360-degree view, with database links for Oracle-based source systems and web-based services for source systems that aren’t Oracle-based.