VOICE.TRUST Chooses Optimiza to Market its Products in the Middle East

VOICE.TRUST Chooses Optimiza to Market its Products in the Middle East

Amman, December 2007 – Optimiza (Al-Faris National Company/ ASE:CEBC) has recently announced the signature of an agreement with VOICE.TRUST, a Munich based leading company in technology solutions and authentication through voice verification. According to the agreement, Optimiza will represent VOICE.TRUST and market its products and solutions in the MENA region.

During a visit to Optimiza’s head office, VOICE.TRUST CEO, Michael Kramer, and Hanna Zaghloul, Optimiza Chief Alliances Officer, singed the agreement which was officially announced during a luncheon held at Le Meridien Hotel in Amman on Tuesday December 4th, 2007. The purpose of this event was to raise awareness for “The authentication through voice verification solutions” and introduce their different applications and unique benefits to a wide variety of target audience from the telecom, banking as well as some security agencies departments.

“The authentication through voice verification solutions” Optimiza will market are characterized by high performance and unprecedented efficient results, in addition to easy installation and use, which are unique to these solutions compared to other similar ones offered by competing companies in the same field. All of these features make this product an optimum choice by large enterprises, banks and different security agencies, in addition to any entity wishing to use the best systems in password management and security.

The VOICE.TRUST technology is a dynamic biometric process whereby the voiceprints are encrypted before they are stored on the VOICE.TRUST server which is designed for maximum data security in compliance with data protection laws. The VOICE.TRUST server is a service package that enables reliable user authentication via authenticating the user’s voice with the pre-stored voice print.

On this occasion, Mr. Hanna Zaghloul, Optimiza Chief Alliances Officer said: “We are set to market VOICE.TRUST at both the local and regional levels. We have developed a solid marketing strategy to introduce the product to the region to ensure wide coverage and reach, and we are glad to launch this high quality offering as part of our special technological development plan in terms of security systems and programs.”

For his part, Raja Kuppuswamy, VOICE.TRUST Chief Technology Officer, said, “We are honored to be working with Optimiza. Our choice in selecting this partner to represent us in the Middle East and North Africa was based on our great confidence in their performance and capacity in this field. We are looking forward for more cooperation aimed at achieving ongoing growth and expansion.”

VOICE.TRUST is the technological leader in the field of authentication solutions through voice verification, and has sold far more than 1,500,000 licenses over the last few years. VOICE.TRUST has established themselves as market leaders in the field of authentication solutions through voice verification. Supplying the industry standard for Password Reset Solutions, VOICE.TRUST sets technological and security-relevant standards worldwide.

VOICE.TRUST is the world market leader for industry standard; Common Criteria certified shared services for password reset, based on voice biometrics.

VOICE.TRUST key solutions are self services for password reset, caller identification and authentication, two-factor authentication for network security and commercial transactions.

VOICE.TRUST technology enables enterprises to quickly and seamlessly integrate biometric voice verification and secure automation capabilities into enterprise network security, service desk, mobile payment, e-commerce, banking and self service automation solutions.

Founded in 2000, VOICE.TRUST solutions have lead to dramatic reductions in operating cost of up to 80% over conventional authentication methods. Located in Munich, Germany and San Jose, California, VOICE.TRUST has sold over 1.500.000 licenses to leading international enterprises to date. The solutions are deployed in worldwide Fortune 500 companies in the financial services, insurance, automotive and healthcare industries.