The leading system for holding Assembly General Meetings remotely

AGMpro is one of the leading systems in the field of holding Assembly General Meetings remotely, taking into consideration the security and privacy of users, so that it meets all attendance requirements before and during the meeting by displaying the system via browser with a modern and easy-to-use application interface in addition to the visual link (audio and video).

System’s Most Important Features

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Scheduling meetings, setting the time and date, in addition to the videoconference link and announcing it

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Prepare meeting agenda and voting items

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Elections candidates list

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The ability to view attendees names and their personal information after confirming their attendance

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The ability of Visual Linking, Voice and Image using global best connectivity tools

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Display CEO speech

Shareholders attendance confirmation

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Authorizing to attend

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Attach previous reports and minutes of meetings

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Shareholders possibility to ask questions before the meeting. Also during the meeting for shareholders owning 10% and more shares, based on the applicable laws.

A list of reports like: Attendance, quorum, shareholder questions and voting results

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Before the meeting

Flexibility, as it enables companies to adjust the options to suit the company's needs and the nature of the meeting

Provide a platform to register shareholders and their representatives (authorized attendees)

Include the session's agenda, invitation, CEO speech, previous annual reports, and any additional attachments or links

Display registration start and end dates, deadline for receiving questions, in addition to the meeting date

Enable corporate management to verify shareholders data , their agents and their registration confirmation.

Enable registered shareholders to view their data and ask questions during the specified time

List voting items and the candidates list for election (in case there is election)

The possibility of providing a platform for voting only or / and electing. The option is left to the company’s management to choose any of the known systems for audiovisual meetings that suit it.

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During the meeting

Confirm attendance for successfully registered shareholders before the meeting starts

Enable the Company General Controller and company management to monitor the progress of the meeting, starting from the attendance confirmation process, reviewing the attendees list and their personal information, attendance percentage and quorum completion, monitoring the voting process, participating in the live broadcast of the meeting

The possibility for selected guests (non-shareholder) to attend without activating the voting feature

The possibility of voting for shareholders who confirmed their attendance

Enabling the company’s management to choose the voting method, such as splitting the votes

Enabling shareholders who own 10% or more shares to ask questions during the meeting (according to applicable laws)

The possibility of modification or immediate addition to the voting items and the list of candidates for election

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After the meeting

Provide a group of reports such as (attendance list and quorum, shareholder questions and voting results)

Record the meeting live broadcast

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