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Driving Efficiency and Excellence in Quality Control Labs

Elevate your quality control with Accuality, a cutting-edge solution that transforms your QC workflows into a seamless, automated experience. Our innovative platform brings efficiency to every step, from sample management to result reporting, ensuring industry standards of accuracy and compliance. Accuality's state-of-the-art analytical capabilities empower your QC labs with advanced data analysis and visualization tools, enabling informed decision-making at every turn. Say goodbye to manual hassles with our automatic Certificate of Analysis (CoA) generation and QR code verification, expediting documentation, improving traceability, and fostering trust in your QC processes. Tailored for businesses dealing with exported goods and referral sample testing, Accuality is the compact powerhouse that redefines precision and efficiency in the world of quality control. Experience the future of QC with Accuality, where accuracy meets quality for unparalleled results.

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Main Benefits

Create your own reports easily! Our Dynamic Reports module allows you to customize your printed QC reports with a simple setup screen

Visualize and analyze test results over time, identifying trends and patterns for informed decision-making

Take control of your stock, making it simple to manage QC samples

Effortlessly record and manage lab samples by associating them with batch, lot number, order number, barcodes, product details, and more

Generate and share Certificates of Analysis swiftly, accompanied by a QR Code for easy verification, streamlining the reporting process

Adhering to globally recognized benchmarks such as ISO/IEC 17020:2012 and ISO 17025, Accuality exemplifies a dedication to exactitude, precision, and the highest benchmarks of quality assurance

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