Optimiza Completes Parliament Electronic System Project (E-Parliament)


Al-Faris National Investment Group, Optimiza finalized phase II of the Electronic Parliament Systems Project (E-Parliament) implementation at the House of Representatives.The project  was funded by the European Union’s Support to Democratic Institutions and Development Project (EU JDID). The second phase which began in 2018, to complement phase I that was executed between 2016 and 2017, was concluded this year. Phase II included implementing the following systems in different departments of the Parliament:


  1. Correspondence Management System
  2. Document Management System
  3. Committees Management System
  4. Parliamentary Oversight Meeting & Archiving System
  5. Laws Management System
  6. Research Management System


With this E-Parliament Project, Optimiza initially created a main database for the House of Representatives encompassing parliament members’ personal information, a link to parliamentary councils members, an electronic feature for permanent office elections, executive office information, parliamentary committees and blocs information, Fraternity and Friendship Association data, and parliament sessions reports.


The project also included creating a system for conferences and invitations, featuring electronic registration system capabilities; such as defining the country extending the invitation, the invitation sender, per diem setups, and the ability to add invitation and conference information, in addition to a platform to manage the system.


It is worth noting that Optimiza has been supplying the Jordanian House of Representative with electronic systems since 1999, in addition, the company in cooperation with House of Representatives managed to successfully archive parliament sessions since 1929. The company installed a Research Management System, as well as the “Diwan” Management and Electronic Archiving System to maintain correspondence and ensure it is communicated with utmost secrecy, using an effective permissions system.




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