Mr.Ihab Hinnawi


For over three decades, Ihab has been spearheading renowned companies in Jordan and across the Middle East, guiding them towards sustained growth and greater heights of success. An illustrious industry expert, Ihab has leveraged his longstanding experience to found Augment, which is an advisory and consulting firm headquartered in Bahrain that empowers companies and startups by building their strategies and business plans; growing their businesses organically and non-organically; expanding their operations geographically; recommending strategic partners within the telecom and technology arenas; and reaching regional and international investors such as venture capitals, private equity funds and family offices, etc.

Prior to establishing Augment, Ihab assumed multiple leadership positions in various companies both locally and regionally, most noteworthy of which were CEO International and Group CEO of Batelco Bahrain and CEO of Umniah between 2009 and 2020. During his tenures, he led progressive strategies that spurred company-wide transformation, in line with corporate visions