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AccuLink Laboratory Middleware

With increasing demands on productivity and decreasing resources, clinical laboratories are looking for ways to reduce staffing costs, reduce review rates, optimize sample throughput, and improve the accuracy and consistency of reported results. While laboratory information systems help to achieve these goals, the use of middleware to increase efficiency has become an industry standard. Middleware—software that optimizes the data flow from the analyzer to LIS—is a necessity for any viable laboratory. Using customizable rule sets, QC monitors, and tools that aid technologists in releasing results quickly and accurately, middleware improves efficiency and productivity. Middleware eliminates the need for staff to review every result and reduces the number (and cost) of paper printouts

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Main Features

With AccuLink cloud, the total cost of ownership is significantly lower compared to other LIS systems

Optimize your laboratory production and benefit from the latest functional and technological innovations, while improving your existing LIS interfaces and communications.

AccuLink optimizes human and material resources, enhances processes, data streams and reduces the turnaround time.

AccuLink enhances the laboratory efficiency while reducing production costs and at a fraction of the cost of a new LIS or system upgrade

  • dot-circle-line Standardized interfaces (HL7) with the LIS and lab analyzers
  • dot-circle-line Management of analytical protocols by sample type
  • dot-circle-line Management of culture observation
  • dot-circle-line Full traceability
  • dot-circle-line Customizable expert rules
  • dot-circle-line Clinical review
  • dot-circle-line Patient history
  • dot-circle-line Immediate alerts
  • dot-circle-line Multicriteria data extraction for epidemiology and activity analysis
  • dot-circle-line Data extraction in line with technical workbench information

Main Benefits

From basic instrument interface to the complete management of technical facilities, AccuLink can adjust to all kinds of requirements and configurations

AccuLink can be securely accessed anywhere and on any device type by clients, patients and laboratory staff

AccuLink is integrated with a wide variety of laboratory instruments and the list is constantly growing using international codes: HL7, ASTM, LIS2

AccuLink provides a live, real-time laboratory management dashboard and standard management reports

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