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Next Generation Infrastructure

Introducing the next generation of infrastructure services, where innovation meets reliability and scalability. Our cutting-edge solutions revolutionize the way businesses operate by harnessing advanced technologies to empower your digital transformation. With our next generation infrastructure services, you can effortlessly navigate the ever-evolving business landscape with confidence and ease. Benefit from enhanced performance, unparalleled security, and seamless connectivity, as our state-of-the-art infrastructure lays the foundation for your success. Experience the power of advanced cloud computing, robust networking capabilities, and intelligent automation, all tailored to your unique needs. Stay ahead of the competition and unlock limitless possibilities with our next generation infrastructure services. Discover a new era of efficiency, agility, and growth today.


Hybrid Cloud

Imagine harnessing the limitless potential of private and public clouds in perfect harmony. With our groundbreaking hybrid cloud services, you can unleash the power of both worlds. Seamlessly integrate your private cloud infrastructure with the vast resources of the public cloud, giving you flexibility and scalability with the right control and compliance measures. Our expert team will help you decide on the most optimal options, ensuring a harmonious hybrid cloud setup that maximizes performance and efficiency. Embrace the freedom to choose the best cloud platform that suits each workload, optimize costs, and accelerate innovation. Experience the true potential of hybrid cloud services and unlock a world of possibilities for your business today.


Software Defined Infrastructure

We specialize in designing and implementing software-defined infrastructure (SDI) solutions to enhance infrastructure management and operational efficiency. Our team conducts thorough assessments and architects tailored SDI frameworks aligned with clients' objectives. With SDI, clients gain flexibility, scalability, and agility while reducing hardware dependencies. Our extended SDI offering includes SD-WAN, software-defined storage, hyperconverged infrastructure, and software-defined computing (SDC). SDI unlocks efficiencies, drives innovation, and provides a competitive edge in the digital landscape.


Traditional Infrastructure

Optimiza is a system integrator specializing in traditional hardware-defined infrastructure. We offer services to assess, optimize, and maintain hardware components for efficient resource allocation and reliable performance. Our team collaborates closely with clients to understand their unique requirements and propose solutions aligned with their business goals. By leveraging best practices and integrating management tools, we help organizations maximize the value of their hardware infrastructure and enable cloud-like management and configuration capabilities.


Networking & Collaboration

Optimiza, a pioneering network solutions provider, recognizes the transformative impact of the pandemic on the workspace. As businesses and individuals increasingly require constant access to systems and information from any location and device, the network infrastructure must adapt to meet these challenges. By employing a software-defined approach across the networking stack, Optimiza offers a comprehensive solution that delivers ease of management and enhanced visibility for data center and remote site connectivity, whether wireless or wired.


Cyber Security and Compliance

Data is a company's most valuable asset, and any data breach could compromise the integrity, availability, and confidentiality of that information. This not only damages a company's reputation but also has direct and indirect financial impacts. Optimiza Cyber Security practices covers the data journey from Storage, in transit and in the cloud. With solid network of leading partners, highly qualified team, our team of experts can help customers secure their infrastructure across various areas :

On Premise and Cloud Security

Identity Access and Privilege Access management

End point protection, Multifactor authentication & Extended detection and response ( XDR )

Brand Protection, vulnerability assessment & penetration testing

Managed Service Provider

Allocating the right resources, training them, and having them ready to support the environment is becoming more challenging. Optimiza can help customers focus more on their business and offload the daily operation of managing information technology complexity.

Optimiza Provides Wide Spectrum Of Services:

Complete IT Infrastructure Management

End User Support Management

Complex Migration and Upgrade Tasks

Highly Skilled Professional Outsourcing

Automation and Orchestration

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, businesses rely heavily on their IT infrastructure to support operations, deliver services, and drive innovation. However, managing and maintaining complex IT systems can be challenging, time-consuming, and prone to human error. This is where automation and orchestration come into play. Automation and orchestration in IT infrastructure provide organizations with powerful tools to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and achieve scalability. Optimiza can help customers maximize the utilization of the existing resource and create single management interface across different silos of resources, whether on premise or cloud based. These tools can identify the most cost effective way for a service to run, monitor the service from line of code down to network layer

Automation & Orchestration :

Comprehensive View of IT Infrastructure

Automate Complex and Critical Tasks To Minimize Human Errors and Manage Dependencies

Provide Cloud-like Provisioning Services Across Different Technologies

Automate Repetitive and Time-Consuming Tasks To Free Employees' Time