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IT Assets Management, Budgeting & Cost Optimization, Cloud Architecture Design, Licensing and Provisioning

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Lift and Shift, Re-Hosting, Hybrid Cloud Integration, Data Migration, Cloud-to-Cloud Migration

Performance Monitoring, Backup and Disaster Recovery, Resource Optimization, Policy Management, Cost Control and Metering

Vulnerability Assessments, VPC Configuration, End-point protection, Identify & Access Management, Data Loss Prevention

Incident Management, Cloud Assurance Program, FTE Outsourcing, End user Adoption Training, Technical Training Courses

Main Benefits

Providing comprehensive Cloud Readiness Assessments and essential setup support, CAP ensures a seamless and user-friendly initiation into cloud technology.

Enjoy the flexibility of utilizing popular cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, and AWS, all within the framework of the Standard Edition. CAP ensures that you have the tools to navigate different platforms effectively.

With a keen focus on safeguarding your data, CAP includes foundational security configurations and adherence to compliance standards, building a trustworthy environment from the outset.

The Standard Edition offers affordability without sacrificing quality. By focusing on essential services and tools, it delivers value and functionality that align with budget-conscious organizations.

Expert Guidance and Support

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Gain access to dedicated professionals who understand the unique needs of organizations entering the cloud sphere. The support provided by CAP program, ensures that even the most complex issues are handled with precision and responsiveness.


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